Universal Man

‘Abd al-Karim al-Jili

Extracts, translated with commentary by Titus Burckhardt. Translated from the French by Angela Culme-Seymour.
I will mention of all that only that which happened to me on my own journey to God; moreover, I recount nothing in this book, neither of myself nor of another, without my having tested it at the time when I travelled in God by the path of intuition and direct vision.
Universal Man is an exposition of the appearances of Absolute Being as Essence, Names, Qualities and Divinity, and of the corresponding contemplative states in the path of Union. This is far from being merely a theoretical matter. 102 pp | Soft cover | £7.50 | ISBN 0 904975 15 0 Price including postage: UK £10.00 | EU £11.00 | Beyond EU £12.50 Order Universal Man
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