CD : A Garden Amidst Flames

Readings from Ibn Arabi

A recording of 31 extracts from four works by Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi and two followers. Produced by Aaron Cass and David Norland

Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi’s linked theses of the Unity of Being and the Perfectibility of Man are universal and enduring concepts which transcend all religious and cultural divisions, and draw out the meaning at the heart of every true spiritual teaching.

This recording, which uses musical settings, aims to bring a taste of Ibn ‘Arabi’s universal perspective to English-speaking listeners, whatever their cultural background.

Ibn ‘Arabi said, “Tradition has left us only words; it is up to us to find out what they mean.” He also said, “The wise man will not allow himself to be be tied to one form of belief.” Such a large point of view is a priceless gift, to be strived for and celebrated.

CD total running time 60:36. Produced by Aaron Cass and David Norland. Beshara Publications / Vastearth words and music. £12.50 + post and packing

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UK £14.50 | EU POA | Beyond EU £20.50
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