The Wisdom of the Prophets

Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi

From the chapter ‘Of the Divine Wisdom in the Word of Adam’

Man (the human being) is to God (al-haqq) that which the pupil is to the eye (the pupil in Arabic is called ‘man within the eye’), the pupil being that by which seeing is effected; for through him (that is to say the Universal Man) God contemplates His creation and dispenses His mercy. Thus is man at once ephemeral and eternal, a being created perpetual and immortal, a Verb discriminating (by his distinctive knowledge) and unifying (by his divine essence). By his existence the world was completed.

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Twelve chapters of the Fusus al-Hikam, translated from Arabic to French by Titus Burkhardt and from French to English by Angela Culme-Seymour.

“This is a translation of what is probably the most significant and influential of all Ibn ‘Arabi’s books. The work is beautifully written and the translation itself is as accurate and evocative as any we could imagine. ‘Arabi’s concept of a totally unified and unifying spiritual perspective is well expressed.”

Titus Burkhardt’s translation was intended as an introduction to the text, and it is probably still the best starting point there is, supported by footnotes which reflect his deep knowledge of the great spiritual traditions.

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