Commentaries on Meister Eckhart Sermons

Dom Sylvester Houédard, Meister Eckhart

Commentaries on Meister Eckhart Sermons gathers together talks given near the end of his life by Dom Sylvester. Drawing freely on knowledge of diverse spiritual traditions, his comments illuminate and expand on the meanings embedded in six of Eckhart’s greatest sermons. Text and commentary combine to form an integrated exposition which will speak to every seeker of spiritual truth from the realm described by Rumi as ‘neither of the east nor of the west’.

Mind is being continuously approached by God in the self-gift of His luminous Being, and we try to stop and grasp at short moments of time. But mind is like a river in fluxu et in fieri, it flows as it becomes.

Dom Sylvester Houédard was a monk of the Benedictine Order, based for much of his life at Prinknash Abbey. Educated in the Christian monastic and contemplative traditions, Dom Sylvester had deep knowledge of many forms of belief, which he saw as different expressions of a single wisdom. He was a pioneer of the ‘wider ecumenism’, and in particular had active contacts with Tibetan Buddhists and with the work of the great Islamic mystic Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi.

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