Three Poems

From My Heart Is Too Big For My Pacemaker, by Shane Jagger



Today I’m like an onion
Sad with separation
Grief makes me cry
Chop and cook me gently
Add a little saffron
for joining together and laughter
Serve me to those whom I love



Soon they visit some hearts
though they won’t find them
except by singular
intention and concentration
on the giver of all hearts

Here they will be found
in the love of an open mind
free of worry
and clean of all clutter

Here they will be waiting
knowing they are to be found
and accepted
like an old memory
of long before

These hearts are blessed
with eternity
and extraordinary happenings
will subtly occur

December 3, 2015



Held by a different love
life unfolds simply

Informed how to proceed
carefully, without worry
from a vast treasury
of hidden meaning

Held by a different love
no fear for future times

Safely reassured
by the strength given
to continue
when weakness overtakes

I love you

That’s all I have to hear
to know the days left are covered
by a great forgiveness

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