My Heart Is Too Big For My Pacemaker

Shane Jagger

Shane was born in Hull in 1960, where, as a young man, he worked in the fish markets. In the late 1970s he found his way to Chisholme House, home of a school of esoteric education in the Scottish Borders. Shane contributed generously to the lives of the people there, as a cook, a bread-maker and as a friend to everyone. In his spare time he has drawn and painted, written and illustrated stories, and more recently, begun to write poetry. He has given away almost everything that he has produced, along with any gifts that have been given to him. In turn, these poems have been gathered together to be shared, as a gift, amongst even more people.

Some reviews:

‘These poems are beyond me’
Shane Jagger

‘I cannot think of another book of poetry that has made me well up just as I came to the end of it, but Shane Jagger’s slim volume did, and quite unexpectedly with his last poem, Three Words. By this point, after having read 25 of his other poems, I thought I had become familiar with his voice. But the sincerity of this short poem grabbed me by the collar, and still makes my hair bristle to recall it.’
Alan Williams
Translator of Rumi’s Masnavi

‘The title of Shane’s book, My Heart Is Too Big For My Pacemaker, is both a key to the content which follows, and a perfect poem. His poems, like his cooking, are true to the words of the great chef Escoffier, faites simple – keep it simple.’
Christopher Ryan

‘As I read the poems I found myself thinking of Rumi, Anatolia’s greatest poet, but the poems need no positioning within this or that tradition.

free of worry
and clean of all clutter…
…These hearts are blessed
with eternity
and extraordinary happenings
will subtly occur

How I love that ‘subtly’! That whole sentence! It is what I have wanted, all these years.’
Roger Norman

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