Talks with J.G. Bennett at Beshara

From Chapter 10: ‘Hu’

We start with an impossibility. I want to speak about what can’t be said, and this I want you to take seriously; when I say that it can’t be said, I do mean just that. It can be talked about, but when one talks about it one is talking about an image, an idea or perhaps even nothing more than a lot of words. How far is it beyond words? If it were just one step beyond words, it may be that some sort of analogy, description or picture would help. I’m going to speak about Hu in the sense that the Sufis use this word; in the ordinary way in Arabic it means nothing, ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘it’, anything you like, it just tacks on to the ends of verbs and means ‘he’. It can be used in the most ordinary way in everyday Arabic conversation. But, it also means the ultimate, that which is entirely beyond all attribute, beyond anything that can ever be said. Read more

“These talks must be almost the last that J.G. Bennett gave, and represent his ripest and most mellow wisdom. For Bennett never stopped growing; he eschewed fixed views and simplifications which thereby divorce those who hold them from the stream of spiritual reality… Bennett never spoke from a text but from what his immediate insight showed him to be the needs of his particular audience. Beshara is therefore to be congratulated on drawing from him such important material, producing a book which is a storehouse of practical and lasting wisdom to those on any spiritual path.” – Light

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